October 17, 2012


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Cheers for this new project of mine!

I wanted a place where I could share my excitement about all the romance novels I've been trucking through. I hope I'm not the only one, but I'm fully capable of knocking out a book in less than a day, sometimes just a few hours. I'm married and have a part-time job, everywhere else inbetween, I'm either eating, sleeping, or reading ... okay, and spending time on my mac.

I've developed this habit of reading off of my ipod touch after the mister heads to bed. He won't be happy to find that out, but it's hard for me to put a book that I'm so drawn into, down.

I know I'm not in this alone, well I hope not.

It all began with Nora Roberts, for a while, her books were the only romance novels that I've ever read. She has a lot of great ones, but her most recent ones are probably my favorite.

Now here's the thing when it comes to me and romance novels or any book in general. I have a bad habit of when I start reading a book, if I'm not instantly hooked, I refuse to finish it. Basically not giving it a chance. I'm sure some think I'm crazy, but I just have a hard time finishing a book that I can't get into. I'd be happy to hear if I wasn't the only one that does this.

Anwyays, I'm happy to announce that I've branched off to other romance novel authors and absolutely love all the books that I've come across so far, especially within the past week and a half.

So, my project is to start reviewing all these books that I've read! I'm not necessarily writing for anyone, but myself, I just need a place to direct the excitement I have over these books. Although, I would love to connect with other romance novel junkies like myself, receive book suggestions and find more authors that I love to read from.

I'm excited for this little project of mine, so cheers to what will come of this.