October 7, 2013

Personal Post : I apologize ...

I must take the time to explain a few things that have been happening and I owe a hell of a lot of people an apology. My husband has recently returned from a 6-month deployment, to many of you with loved ones in the military have heard of much longer deployments. But I must say, a deployment is a deployment, and distance is distance. It will always feel like half of my heart and a part of my life is missing, when my husband is away. It's never easy.

Reading many amazing books by so many great authors, while he was gone, was my way of getting through this deployment. I had so much time in the world to dedicate towards my reading, writing reviews, and helping out all of you, as best as I could.

Now that he's home, it has been a adjustment. Thankfully the transition back to having each other has gone smoothly, but we're in constant planning mode. With a honeymoon, wedding, AND we need to find a house and move into it by the end of December. So, we're very limited on time and my reading and participation in blog tours had to come to a sudden stop!

I thought I would be able to handle all of it, but I need to set my priority straight. For the remainder of the month, I'm pulling myself out of blog tours that I signed up for. I do plan on participating on promotion posts and sadly, I feel like that's the only thing I can offer at the moment. I truly apologize for any inconvenience that I cause ... gosh, I feel horrible about it.

OK ... back to planning.

Photo Credit : OpenWater Productions