March 14, 2014

Spotlight Tour + Review + Giveaway : An Undying Oath by HK Savage

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Sergeant Justin Shaw and the two surviving members of his Special Forces unit are the last remaining evidence of the reality of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction program. On a mission during the second Iraq War, Sergeant Shaw's company retrieved a canister from a weapons lab only to have it shatter during an ambush, exposing his team to its contents and changing them forever.

Samantha James has grown up without a father. A once renowned geneticist, he left them when she was nine years old. She hears from him only on her birthday when she receives the same gift every year, but on her twenty-eighth birthday the gift is different. A small, mysterious metal cylinder shows up on her doorstep. Before she knows what's happening her boyfriend is dead, her mother is in the hospital, and she's been "rescued" from hired killers only to find herself facing another potentially more insidious threat from Sergeant Shaw.

Sam remains under Shaw's watchful guard as she tries to figure out who she can trust and how to save the ones she loves from the danger. Only sometimes, the real enemy isn't always clear.


The first thing I thought when I got deeper into this book is that it reminded me of CW's Beauty and the Beast, and I'm not sure I should say more about that because I think it would be considered as a spoiler.

Since I'm a huge fan of paranormal, this was a very different story and a first. And I loved it, made it hard to guess what would happen next, so it was really refreshing to read this one.  Poor Samantha, having to grow up without her father, but she receives gifts from him on her birthday every year. And on her 28th birthday,she received a gift so "amazing" that people are willing to kill her for it ... *sarcasm*. It's pretty much the gift that keeps on giving a crapload of horrible things to Sam ... come on dad what were you thinking, you a**hole!

After being "rescued/taken away" from hired killers, it brings Sergeant Shaw into his life. And the only thing he wants is that little gift from Sam's daddy. And more than anything Sam is looking after herself and family, so she's not saying a thing about where she hid it.

I totally get why some of Shaw's team members were hostile towards Sam, their lives were pretty much stripped away from all of their family and friends. And that little cylinder is something they want, they no longer have anything to lose.

I was so unsure of Shaw for most of the book, he tried so hard to keep away from Sam, but he couldn't help the draw. After a while I began to question if he really cared about Sam or if he just wanted what she was hiding. 

This book was extremely well written, I was glued to every single page and it was very unpredictable. And I wish it didn't have to end, HK, you have a new fan and I definitely look forward to reading more of your work.


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“Stop it Bill,” she scolded sharply.

Carefully, she pushed open the door and entered her apartment. The growling ball of fur in her grasp was having no part of it. Clawing at her with his sharp back claws, Bill took a few chunks out of her forearms as he finally leapt free of her, racing down the hall and out of sight. Sam didn’t give chase or even turn her head to see where he went. He wouldn’t go far, he never did on the rare occasion he got out. In a few minutes he would be beating at the door with his soft, declawed front paws. Her focus was on what had incited such panic in her even keel pet. Why was Bill so scared to go inside? He liked Paul. Even more unsettling was the feeling crawling down her spine. Something was very wrong.

She could feel it.

There was no sound or movement coming from inside. When Paul was over he always had the television turned on a game whether it was football, basketball, soccer, whatever. He always had to have background noise. Unlike Sam, he liked noise. “Paul?” Sam realized she was crouching. Telling herself she was being ridiculous, she forced herself to stand up, pushing the door open and peering inside. There was no answer. Maybe he was tired and had nodded off she told herself. It did nothing for the now painful gooseflesh covering her body. “Paul?” she called his name again, whispering it this time. He wasn’t in the living room or kitchen. She pushed a cabinet door closed with the back of one hand as she walked past. He had to have been here, she never left drawers or cabinets open. Glancing around, she noticed a piece of mail hanging over the edge of her sorter. What had he been doing in here, snooping? With considerably more effort, she forced her feet toward the bedroom, stepping over one of Bill’s toys lying in the middle of the floor.

“Paul?” His name died on her lips as she walked past the open bathroom door and froze. Without knowing what she was doing, Sam drifted inside and stopped just inside the doorway. Her hand flew to her mouth too late to stop the scream.

HK Author PicMeet the Author

HK Savage has been a voracious reader of anything she could get her hands on going back to the second grade when she would set her alarm two hours early to read before school. Her passion for the written word has continued and flowed into writing going back nearly as far. Her books have fans in twenty countries on six continents with hopes of attracting attention on Antarctica if for no other reason than to check a box.

Currently, HK is a mother, wife and black belt in Karate as well as an avid dressage rider. Her three dogs: a Doberman she uses for therapy dog work and two ancient Doxies keep her busy when she is not writing or working or whatever else.

In addition to editing for the past ten years in advertising, HK has been an editor for several newsletters over the years; her favorite being for Heifer International where her ideas were put into effect and complimented by those on high. Currently her skills are being focused on clients in the writing world.

Paranormal is her favorite genre and science fiction because both address the possibilities we have not yet realized and the darker things we have. Her favorite premise: “what if?”


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