March 17, 2014

Promo Tour + Giveaway : Lover, Divine by A. Star

Lover, Divine by A. Star
(Mythos: Gods & Lovers #1)
Publication Date: February 25th 2014
Genres: Adult, Mythology, Romance


Born into one of the wealthiest families in Ireland, Siobhan Law has status, privilege, and a secret: The Greek gods of Olympus and their kingdom in the clouds are real, and her family acts as one of their agents on Earth.

When the beautiful immortal celeste Liam Argyros shows up claiming to have come to Earth to deal in the affairs of the divine, Siobhan finds herself unable to resist his charms. New to the game of passion and seduction, she quickly ends up in over her head, sinking deeper with every attempt Liam makes to win her over.

But Liam’s divine mission is far more complex than she ever imagined and nothing is truly as it seems. Because Liam has a secret of his own: He is Apollo, Olympian god of the Sun, and his mission will never be complete until he has claimed Siobhan’s heart forever.

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Tucking my violin beneath my chin, I started to play and was immediately drawn into my
own secret realm. It was like a new experience every time I played my violin. I became
lost in the music, swept away by the melody, and forgot the rest of the world existed.

Even in practice, I poured my entire soul into the pieces I played because, like love, I felt
that true passion could never be put on hold. Music was me, and I was it. I couldn’t
imagine my life without it.

With a final chord, I ended my piece.

Apollo didn’t applaud me, but his admiring smile was praise enough. “I’m looking forward
to the day when that piece is finished.”

I blushed, realizing I should have known the god of Music would recognize an unfinished
composition when he heard one. I wondered if he knew I had written it for him.

“Your turn,” I said, setting my violin on the stand I kept in my bedroom.

“The only instrument I want to play now is you. Like my lyre, plucking all the right strings
to make you sing.”

I could hardly contain my smile. “Is tha’ so?”

“Indeed. Come over here and let’s discover the highest note you can reach.”

About the Author

A. Star is a fan of dirty passion. She likes to read it, and she damn sure likes to write it. Her first adult romance/fantasy novella is called Invasion, an alien romance about sacrifice. Lover, Divine is the first release from the Mythos: Gods and Lovers series. Future releases under A. Star include, King, Desired (Mythos: Gods and Lovers #2), the Love & Steampunk series, the Purr, Inc. stories, and more.

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