April 8, 2014

Blog Tour Stop : The Edge of Forever by D.C. Gambel ( review + giveaway )


Title: D.C. Gambel
Author: The Edge of Forever: Fate
Genre: Paranormal romance Adult 17+
Date: April 8, 2014
Publisher: Independent
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Gabriella Carmichael has always tried to find her place in the world, but being raised  as half-human/half-vampire she doesn't quite know where she fits in, until she  meets Grayson. Grayson Alexander is one of the most influential men in New York. When he runs  head on into Gabriella, he doesn't quite know how that one event will change his  world. Gabriella knows that being involved with a human is strictly forbidden, even though  she's part human herself, and begins to fear for Grayson's safety especially when the  head of her nest, Anton, makes a play for her affections.

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This book was a pleasant surprise and a rather refreshing take on the vampire world. It was definitely a hit for me.

Now when it comes to vampire books, it's usually the male lead that's the lovely bloodsucker, but it's not the case for this one. Gabriella is a rare half human/vampire mix, she is the only day-walker (that they know of), so she's able to be out in the sunlight and live a somewhat normal human life, which someone she yearns for. Being in the nest, it's like a prison for her, as much as she loves her mom, she has to constantly report to her of her whereabouts and lets not mention the master vampire, Anton. He's such an annoyance and just needs to be gone. Where would a lead be without her best friend? That's where Shawn comes in, her werewolf bestie, who does not love her in that way. (Side note : Gambel, thank you for not making a love triangle, they're always messy and unfavorable). He's just an amazing BFF; he's caring, loving, seriously supportive, and knows when to give her a real boost of honesty.

And then there's the Grayson, very successful human that Gaby falls in love with. I loved their relationship, it was electric from the beginning. But he did take the news of Gaby's secret a little too easily, definitely not what I was expecting. Perhaps a little doubt and skepticism would have been more realistic? But let's be honest, how the hell should we know how to act if the person I was dating were a vampire?! You got me there.

I was a fan of Gaby, she lived for her freedom and she really tried to live the best of both worlds. She had a pretty good job that kept her busy and away from the nest. And from what it seemed, she was happy to get away from it (especially creepy Anton) as often as she could.

All the characters were written exceptionally-well and I was very happy with this book. As book nears the end, the intensity just builds up and you will be left with some questions.  I am in the state of wanting to know more, with the being said, bring on the next one!


About the Author

D.C. Gambel is an independent author & army wife. She spends her free time with her fur babies, who sit next to her whether she's writing or just curled up with a good book, when she's not taking care of her soldier.

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