5 STARS = AMAZEBALLS. Most likely was not able to read another book after some time. Definitely could not put the book down. I cried, perhaps ... it's usually the really good ones that cut me deep.

4.5 STARS = LOVE IT. But still pretty flippin' awesome. I rarely do the half ratings, but occurs, every now and then. For the most part, I loved the book, but there were probably a few things I didn't like.

4 STARS = I LIKE LIKE IT. For the most part, I enjoyed it it! Books, I generally rate a 4, it's a one-time read for me. It's not a bad thing, promise! Probably just what I needed.

3.5 STARS = ALMOST THERE. Overall, the book was okay. It had some enjoyable parts and some that may have peeved me.

Anything below a 3.5, I generally won't post my review on the blog, but I rarely rate that low. If an author has contacted me directly and asked for a review, I would personally email them sharing my review. Goodreads will have my ratings, so you can always, check that out as well.